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#1 customer service on CO2 cryo jet cooling systems for nightclubs

"We Help You Create Fake Snow Anytime"



t500 snow machine

(All Sales Are Final)

  • Makes Evaporating Snow

  • NO Cleanup

  • Easy Setup

  • Safe Indoors and Out

  • Perfect For Smaller Events

  • Make It Snow Anytime

qes evaporating snow fluid, snow juice


T-500 Snow Zone
Snow Machine


This artificial snow machine is lightweight and mobile. It produces a dry  evaporating snow that will not leave a messy residue.  Easy to use and non-technical. The snowflake size can be changed and adjusted from small flurries to a heavy snow. This little powerhouse is perfect for covering entrances or smaller venues.  Uses QES-100 Snow Fluid - ORDER YOURS TODAY


fake snow at tree lighting ceremony

(Some Photos include more than one machine to accomplish similar results)




silent snow storm fake snow machine


  • Super Quiet

  • Perfect For Productions

  • Fluffy Evaporating Snow

  • NO Cleanup

  • DMX Controllable

  • Fine Snowflake Adjustment

  • Safe Indoors and Out

  • Make It Snow Anytime



Silent Snow Storm

Whisper Quiet Snow Machine


Purchase Also Available


"The #1 Rented Snow Machine"


The Silent Snow Storm is one of the quietest snow machines in the industry at at approximately 63db.  If you are looking to rent a snow machine for a winter theme party, this artificial snow machine should be at the top of the list.  Compact design makes for easy concealment and it can be mounted on a tripod or hung from the lighting truss.  Super fine snow flake control and variable operating modes, on/off, wireless remote or DMX.  Uses QES-100  Snow Fluid - ORDER YOURS TODAY



This video includes 3 Silent Snow Storms and QES 100 Snow fluid


blizzard snow machine fake snow

media snow rental

Set Up Instructions



(All Sales Are Final)

Make It Snow Anytime, Anywhere, Any Temperature

es100 snow fluid fake snow





Blizzard Snow Zone
Evaporating Snow Machine



"The Most Powerful In The Industry"


This versatile snow machine is possibly the most powerful in the industry.  It can be sat on the ground or mounted from any truss system.  This snow machine produces one of the driest snowflakes in the industry.  The snow can be set to evaporate within seconds so no build up on the ground.  The stand can be reversed and used with a C-clamp for truss mounting.  Use ES-100  Fluid - ORDER YOURS TODAY


  “Lifetime Limited Warranty”




snow flocker ground cover snow machine

The Ultimate Snow Flocking Machine

Snow Machine



The newly designed flocking machine offers more user control and portability than ever.  No more complicated machine setup.  Now introducing an onboard compressor and tank in one.  Just prep the tank, pressurize and you can lay down soft, white, realistic snow cover.  Makes a snow so real you can walk in it, drive in it and leave perfect tracks.  Non slippery surface.  Snow will slowly evaporate over several hours.



let it snow amazing snow man

"Let It Snow" Snowman

Snow Machine



The Snowing Snowman has the incredible ability to create a beautiful, realistic snowfall blasting snow 10-15 feet in the air.  Surprise and amaze your guests with this fun snow blower.  The snowman is perfect for birthday parties or accenting entrances to venues.





Artificial fake snow is our specialty and we make it snow all over the world. Atlanta Special FX provides evaporating indoor/outdoor theatrical snow to over 60 countries and growing.